African Journalists Ebola Crisis Report

An Exploration of the Lived Experience of African Journalists During the 2014 Ebola Crisis.  One would think that in the digital era clear, factual information could spread like viruses. Yet, in the case of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, which claimed over 11,000 lives, the virus propagated faster than reliable data, leaving local […]

Checklist for covering infectious disease stories

  Knowledge of the basic disease you are covering Do you know: if it’s an infectious disease or not? if it’s caused by a pathogen (bacterium, virus, parasite or a fungus) what the difference is between these pathogens? how the disease is transmitted? if it can be prevented and if so how? if it can […]

Global Health Check

How has the world’s health changed in your lifetime? Put yourself at the centre of our Global Health Check. Check out these impressive data visualizations of statistics since you were born. Give you some health science perspective.


What is it? – Dengue has seen spectacular spread through tropical and subtropical countries around the world for three decades, causing massive epidemics. Although fatal in only a small minority of cases, the virus causes awful pains, which is why it’s sometimes called “breakbone fever,” and because so many people become infected, it has a […]


What is it? – Measles is a virus disease that nobody should die from. And yet an estimated 134,000 people did in 2015, mostly children in developing countries. That’s because the measles vaccine, which works well, is cheap, and gives lifelong protection, still doesn’t reach all of the world’s children. – The measles virus is […]


What is it? – Zika has gone from a scientific curiosity to a global crisis in just a few years. Scientists have known the virus since 1947, but they long thought is was rare and caused only mild disease. Only a handful of cases, all in Africa, were described in the scientific literature. – Since […]


What is it? – The HIV-AIDS pandemic, which erupted in the early 1980s, is one of the most devastating events in modern-day global health. An estimated 35 million people have already died from AIDS; the current annual death toll, while slowly declining,  is estimated at around one million. – Most of the burden is in […]

Tuberculosis (TB)

What is it? – Tuberculosis has been around since ancient times and is still one of the world’s major scourges. One in every three people in the world are permanently infected, and TB caused an estimated 1.8 million deaths in 2015, the vast majority of them in the developing world. – There are many reasons […]


What is it? MERS, short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, is a newcomer on the international health scene: It was first discovered in a patient from Saudi Arabia in 2012. It is caused by a bat virus that appears to infect many dromedary camels in the Arabian peninsula and occasionally jumps to humans. MERS caused […]

Avian influenza

What is it? -Avian influenza, also known as bird flu, is a virus disease caused by influenza strains that are well-adapted to birds. There are many different strains, and most of them can infect multiple bird species, both aquatic wild birds and domesticated species such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys. – Avian influenza is a […]